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Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies


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Pushing Daisies

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About Pushing Daisies

Welcome to Pushing Daisies, a captivating and underground venue where tequila lovers unite. Our establishment, nestled in Nashville, Tennessee at 570 Broadway, is a haven for those who share a profound love for tequila, the enchanting liquor originating south of the border.

At Pushing Daisies, you're invited to "Sip to the Beat" in a breathtaking atmosphere, enjoying the latest DJ sets while comfortably seated stage-side. Our space is designed to immerse you in an ambiance that is both beautiful and exhilarating.

We pride ourselves on featuring an impressive array of tequilas – with over 100 tequila and agave-based spirits, our backbar is a testament to diversity and quality. This collection is a tribute to the rich history and culture of tequila, offering a unique experience for both aficionados and newcomers alike.

Our origin story is steeped in the allure of the margarita, whose English translation is “daisy.” This drink, with its vast and varied origins, has captivated us with its charm and history. As you enjoy a round of Daisies on the rocks with salt, you're partaking in a tradition that spans hundreds of years, encompassing cultural shifts, historical events, and even tales of smuggling.

The legend of the margarita's creation adds to the mystique of our establishment. It is said that Marjorie King, a famous Ziegfeld showgirl, inspired the creation of the margarita in the late 1940s at Danny Herrera’s bar. Her preference for tequila, mixed with orange liqueur and lime, gave birth to this iconic cocktail.

At Pushing Daisies, we celebrate not just the drink, but the journey and the stories behind it. We invite you to be a part of this ongoing narrative, where every sip is a nod to history, culture, and the unifying power of tequila.

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