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We help small businesses reach new customers and create subscription revenues for free

Join over 1,000 pre-registered businesses who will be turning free advertising into recurring revenue with PassPass

Lighting Store

Turn your customers into monthly recurring revenue

Members of PassPass pay $5 per month to access 1,000's of great deals at small businesses anywhere they go, at the click of a button. If you refer a member to PassPass, we share in 50% of the monthly membership fee back to your business. Every month. For life. No BS.

For businesses

Always Free to List

Add a discount into the marketplace for $0 fees

Reach New Customers

Get found by new customers and drive in-store spend

Generate Income

Apply to be a premier partner and earn income from PassPass

Referral Program

Refer Members

Refer members and earn recurring income when they sign up

Refer Businesses

Refer businesses and earn recurring income from their sales

Build A Team

Refer friends and earn recurring income from their sales

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