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Keeping every business in business

We are excited to partner with you!

At PassPass, our Mission is to Keep Every Business in Business. We do this by helping 1,000's of businesses like yours reach new customers through free advertising in the PassPass app.

In addition, Premier Partners can refer new members to PassPass by marketing and advertising PassPass at your place of business. When you refer a member, we will split the monthly $5 fee, which is paid by the member with your business 50/50. That is $2.50 a month per active paid member. 

Here are some things you can do to optimize your membership program.

1. Make sure the PassPass door sticker is displayed prominently.

2. Ensure adequate signage in-store and near your points of purchase

3. Train your staff how to accept PassPass and quickly present your InstaPerk offer to drive signups

4. Encourage your staff to share PassPass with every guest

5. Build your following in the PassPass app, it is free to do and will allow you to market directly to PassPass members

5. Update your deals frequently as this will help you connect with your followers

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