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Refer business. Earn money.

Refer businesses to PassPass and watch the rewards roll in. With every membership they sell, you score a piece of the pie. Every. Single. Month. Now, that's what we call a sweet deal.

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Refer Businesses

When you refer a business and the business signs up to be a Premier Partner, you can earn up to $4.50 per member per year from Tier 1 membership sales.

Build A Team

Refer other Referral Partners and earn additional overrides off of their direct sales. Earn up to $3 per member per year from Tier 2 membership sales.

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Refer Family & Friends

When you refer your friends and family to the PassPass and they sign up as a paid member, you will earn a $1.75 referral fee for each month they are a member, forever.

  • Is PassPass a Network Marketing company?
    No. PassPass is not a network marketing company. PassPass is an App Marketplace that connects businesses with discounts and services directly to consumers who are members of PassPass. PassPass offers an affiliate referral partner program that allows independent people and businesses to refer other businesses to the platform and pays an override commission on each membership sold by the businesses who were referred by the Affiliate Referral Partner. In addition if the affiliate referral partner refers other referral partners, they can make an additional override off of the membership sales done by businesses who signed up through the 2nd tier sales person.
  • How does an Affiliate Referral Partner get paid?
    An affiliate referral partner gets paid off of active paid members directly referred to the App or via businesses that are premier partners in the marketplace and have active members. Information on the compensation plan details can be found here
  • When is PassPass launching?>
    PassPass is launching summer 2024.
  • What does it cost to subscribe to the PassPass as a member?
    The Membership will be $5 per month.
  • How much does it cost to be an affiliate referral partner
    There is no cost to be an affiliate referral partner, however, to be eligible to sell PassPass or refer another member to PassPass, one has to be an active paid member of PassPass.
  • How much does it cost for a business to be a Premier Partner?
    Nothing. It is free for a business to participate in the marketplace, all that is required is for the business to offer a daily deal in the marketplace. To sign up as a premier partner, it is also free. However, if a business wants to be a premier partner, they are required to have a daily deal and an InstaPerk.
  • How many levels do you pay in your affiliate referral partner program?
    PassPass only pays two levels deep. This is is a true 2-level affiliate program, not a pyramid or network marketing program. PassPass Referral Partners only make money when businesses they refer sell memberships, or when they refer other paid members to sign up.
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Build Your Business

With PassPass, Referral Partners can build and earn long term recurring income for referring members and businesses that build active membership bases. Apply to become a Referral Partner today.

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